Company Overview

Diligent Spark is an Embedded Technology based company. We Research, Develop, Prototype and Manufacture innovative embedded products in home and building automation, power electronics, consumer electronics and industrial control and monitoring systems that can change and simplify the human life. We also have extensive technical training programs for professionals, graduates and school students.

Who We Are

We are the Solution Makers for the toughest problems. Team spirit is our strength, Embedded Technology is our passion, Commitment is our value and customers are our gold mines so we treat them as precious. As a development company we spend every moments for enhancing our skills and expertise to provide the best for our customers.

At A Glance

Our Mission

We concentrate on developing highly advanced embedded technological solutions that can make the life more smarter, easier, safer, greater and enjoyable.

Our Strategy

We know people likes varieties, innovations, advancements and more fun. we are always striving to make our customer’s dreams come to real. we focus to maintain good relationship with our customers and learn as much as what they really want so we can provide the best innovative technologies.

Meet the Team

Diligent Spark is run by a team of enthusiastic and passionate engineers striving to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by utilizing world class technologies. We keep ourselves consistently updated with the latest technologies emerging in the world. We strongly believe that learning is by doing and have thirst to find out “how to do it”, that’s our way from mystery to mastery.